Hatha Yoga

Join us in the world of Hatha Yoga null

Hatha means Union in Sanskrit. Ha stands for Sun, Tha for Moon. It symbolizes the male energy and the female energy, ratio and emotion, body and mind, tension and relaxation.

Hatha Yoga is the most commonly practiced form of yoga nowadays, the history of Hatha Yoga however brings us back centuries ago, when great sages revealed the ultimate truth in The Veda’s, the oldest source of knowledge. Hatha Yoga is the art of unifying the body and mind through a series of poses, called Asanas. Combined with breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation (Dhyana).

In a broader prospective Hatha Yoga is a part of the eight fold path of Patanjali, written in the Yoga Sutras:

   1. Yama (social conducts)
   2. Nyama (personal conducts)
   3. Asana
   4. Pranayama
   5. Dharana (withdraw of the senses)
   6. Dhyana (meditation)
   7. Samadhi (ultimate state of consciousness)

Hatha Yoga will bring a balance between the mind and body. It will increase strength and flexibility of the body on a physical level, controlling your breath will bring serenity to the mind in the pose. Spiritually Hatha Yoga will give you a doorway to that inner place we all have. The place where we can find the Ultimate Truth of our being, unconditional love and true freedom.

Hatha Yoga can be performed by people of all ages. Don’t hesitate if you are a beginner, you will find the classes at Lotus Sherab refreshing and relaxing. Your body and mind will continue to feel relaxed and open long after you complete the asanas. The different relaxation techniques will open up the channels of energy and your chakras enabling the spiritual energy to flow freely.

At Lotus Sherab Yogacenter we practice mainly Hatha Yoga, although occasionally teachers who practices other forms of Yoga will share their knowledge with you. Like Lu Jong, a form of Tibetan Yoga which exercises mainly focus on the movement of the spine. Lu Jong has been used for many thousands of years by those who lived in the mountains practicing meditation. Lu Jong is revealed to Western practitioners by Tulku Lama Lobsang, a inspirational Tibetan Buddhist teacher. In the forthcoming years we will have hopefully the honor to welcome Tulku Lama Lobsang himself in Lotus Sherab Yogacenter.null