The location

The locationnull

An amazing gift

Sometimes incredible things happen to you, although you have a hard time believing it.
The only thing right then is to be silent and grateful for that amazing gift of life.
Lotus Sherab Yogacenter is one of those great gifts, or more specific , the location
of the center. The spot is one out of your dreams: a friendly open area with magnificent
old trees right at the volcanic beach of the Northern part of Bali. With a stunning view
of the ocean. Where the sun is coming up early morning, royal rising up from behind the
mountains and going down as a red ball of fire into the ocean.

Gentle sea breeze
Right at that spot we build Lotus Sherab Yogacenter. A place where you can practice yoga
in a tranquil atmosphere, set in a beautiful garden. The yoga studio itself is an welcoming
open space, faced to the ocean. The stunning view of the ocean. The gentle sea breeze
makes your yoga practice even more desirable. It is also possible to practice yoga at the
beach itself, especially at early morning time when we have the beach for ourselves.

The name

Sometimes the name is already there before the actual realization, this was certainly the case
of the yogacenter. Lotus is a important symbol in Hinduism and in Buddhism. This magnificent
flower represents the development of our unconscious mind into awakening our ultimate being,
out true nature. In Hinduism we speak of the ā€˜Iā€™ and in Buddhism of Buddhanature. Like the Lotus
who blooms in mud, the flower remains always of an impeccable beauty and purity. Sherab
means in Buddhism wisdom or knowledge and is considered as the 6th Paramita (virtue).
The inner wisdom that we all have but due to layers of our disturbing emotions so difficult to
reveal. Sherab is also one of the Buddhist names of Yvonne, given by her Buddhist teacher
Lama Karta.

Feel free to join us!

Feel free to visit us and experience with us all what Lotus Sherab Yogacenter offers. It is easy
to get to from Central Lovina. Just walk along the beach to the west for approximately 2,5 km.
Or take the main road (direction Desa Kaliasem), you will find us at the right side next to Dolphin
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